Thursday, October 24, 2013

Oh How They Talk..

My daughter is fourteen months old now. I wouldn't say that the last one year flew by, because it did NOT. As rewarding motherhood is, I believe it requires a lot of patience. Patience for all the sleepless nights. Patience for when your kid vomits on you. And, above all, patience for all the unsolicited parenting advice and criticism. It turns out everyone (but you) is an expert on your child's needs and development. 

But, I digress. The purpose of this blogpost is to document all the words my little multilingual bundle of joy has already mastered. 

  1. Puthar (Kid in Punjabi)
  2. Papa
  3. Mama
  4. Ma
  5. Awesome
  6. Popote (Drinking Straw in Spanish)
  7. This?
  8. What is this...this?
  9. Roti (bread)
  10. Khallah (Aunt in Urdu)
As of December 3rd:

11. Ball
12. Chacha (Uncle in Urdu)
13. Nana (Mom's mom)
14. Dada (Dad's mom)

As of January 2nd:

15. Identifying and saying the letter 'S'
16. Cup
17. Phuppo (Father's sister in Urdu)
18. Socks
19. Shoes

As of January 24th:

20. Pants
21. Bath
22. Identifying and saying the letter 'E'
23. Stop

As of January 31st:

24. Book
25. Up
26. Duck
27. Head
28. Stars