Thursday, July 31, 2008

Insurance Policy

I am travelling to Nepal in September to volunteer at Papa's House. I will be staying at the rescue home and will be writing about their quotidian routine and struggles. My family is obviously concerned about my safety, considering the instability of the newly founded Maoist government in Nepal. Their doubts are somewhat rested by this form that the Canadian government advises its citizens to fill out, when travelling abroad. In the form, I am required to provide the Canadian International Affairs about my address in Nepal, so in case of an emergency they can pull me out and bring me home safely.

Even though, I am very grateful of this protection and security I would be provided by my government, I am also left wondering about those who are not blessed with this luxury. In the time of crisis why is our fate determined by our passport? Is that why so many people move to the Western countries so they can have the coveted passport? Is the expensive immigration fee in some ways an insurance policy?

In the time of need, is it selfish to leave using the privileged passport, leaving other locals behind just because they couldn't afford to procure the same "insurance policy" as us?

I know my ideas are naïve. I am very aware of the fact that we live in a world where people are divided by boundaries, ethnicity, creed, and our birth does dictate our fate. But determining who gets to survive based on their nationality is a bit absurd and painful. I know if the need be I would also be one to flash my passport and demand to return to my loved ones at home.

In the movie Babel, a helicopter is sent for an American, so she can be airlifted to a hospital. Whereas, the locals are left to die, and are not provided the same treatment.

I know we have aid-workers and other volunteers in the troubled regions, but will the wishes of so many beauty queens pertaining to world peace ever come true?