Friday, November 14, 2008

Proposition 8

Proposition 8, the California measure that bans same-sex marriage, passed by a 52 percent to 48 percent margin. What reasons did people give for voting for it?

17% Always vote yes to everything
16% Marriages are already gay enough
11% Thought it would be last good opportunity to deny someone civil rights
5% Proposition was a lot of reading
4% Still trying to prove not gay after that one night with Sean
2% Unhappily married gay people too lazy to get a divorce
.001% Love and support their son Frederick, but didn't want to see him make a mistake by marrying that good-for-nothing Manuel

Source: The Onion


changetheworld360 said...

Gotta love The Onion. =D
In all seriousness though, it should be interesting to see what happens with Prop 8. There was a massive movement by gay activists to oppose it, and now that it passed, they are holding protests to potentially get the California Supreme Court to overturn it. Whatever the case, the issue of gay rights will continue to be at the forefront of American society for years to come.

Zany said...

My favourite one is:
"11% Thought it would be last good opportunity to deny someone civil rights."

I have a very "live and let others live" philosophy when it comes to this stuff. If there are two people, who are living together and love each other, then they should have the same rights as the rest of us.

When the same-sex marriage was legalized in Canada, the Catholic Church labelled the then Prime Minister Paul Martin as the worst Catholic for approving a very heretical law. But Paul Martin said that this is not an issue of faith but of fundamental human rights.

Zany said...

p.s. How about this week's gay-themed SNL? Too bad it wasn't gay-funny, except for the 2 funny Justin Timberlake sketches.