Saturday, November 22, 2008

Safe Trip Home

I am a HUGE Dido fan. Her voice is very unique and soothing. I have enormous respect for anyone who writes their own lyrics. Dido, not only wrote the songs on this record, but was also her own band. She played the piano, drums, and this flutey instrument.

This record has a very post-breakup/self-awakening vibe. My favourite tracks, so far, are:
Track 2 - Quiet Times
Track 3 - Never Want to Say it's Love
Track 5 - It Comes and it Goes
Track 6 - Look No Further
Track 7 - Us 2 Little Gods
Track 10 - Burnin Love
Track 11 - Northern Skies

My all time favourite Dido songs in no particular order are:
Life for Rent
Here with Me (filmed in Toronto, I think; judging by the streetcar)
Sand in My Shoes
Stan (her collaboration with Eminem)
Thank You


Maria Sondule said...

I just listened to some Dido, and her voice is really good! I think I might add some of her songs to my blog...

Maria Sondule said...

PS I put my Twilight review up if you should like to read it!

kibberon said...

oh god looove dido! my favorite is white flag. it's such a rainy/snowy day song. it makes me sigh like a heartbroken fool.

thank you for the comment!

Zany said...

Thanks for your comments Maria and Kibberon.

I used to love White Flag, but they over-played the song on the radio, so that killed White Flag for me.

Kia said...

Oh man, at first glance, I thought it said: I am a HUGE Dildo fan.

The gutter, I tell you!

Zany said...

hehehhe. That's funny.
Sorry, this blog is not THAT personal. I like to keep it PG 13, so you wont be reading about any of that here :P.