Monday, February 23, 2009

Sisters. Victims. Heroes.

When so many of the families are scrambling to overcome challenges the economic recession has posed; the genocide in Darfur seems a world away. The genocide has now lasted longer than the second world war. The humanitarian crisis in Darfur has never really received the media coverage, and/or the international community's support that it truly deserves. But, thankfully, Nicholas Kristof, has been writing about Darfur endlessly. He posted the above video from the region.

Hopefully his message would be able to raise awareness, and the Obama government would do its role in ending the genocide. My own Canadian government has been completely ambivalent about the issue. You see, live-blogging about Obama's visit, and giving it endless media coverage is apparently far more important. After all, Obama did go through the trouble of spending FIVE WHOLE HOURS in Ottawa. So in this case, our local media's 48-hour news-coverage of the trip was totally justified :|.


Daisy said...

So horrendous, and even sadder that it's just going ignored.

changetheworld360 said...

I second what Daisy said.
Also, the Obamamania is even more annoying than during the campaign. He has literally taken over our social conscience. More people care about the fact that his wife is on the cover of Vogue magazine or his daughters were the inspiration for a set of new dolls than the happenings of his actual administration.

Zany said...

George Clooney met with the US Congress yesterday, and they have decided to send a special envoy to Darfur. Hopefully, George Clooney's star-power would garner media attention.

I agree with you. I don't know who is to blame for this. Obama exudes this dazzling persona that people fail to see beyond their "O infatuation". I think, our paparazzi culture is to be blamed for this. I know, Obama transcended racial and social limitations, but now is the time to be critical of his policies.

Maria Sondule said...

O infatuation... lol, I think I shall use that sometime.
Presidents visiting any country is important. It should receive news converage, but that is not to say that Darfur should be excluded. It's good that you posted this on your blog so more people will be aware.

Zany said...

I agree with you regarding the importance of presidential visits. But, I think, since nothing exciting ever happens in Canada, we got a bit carried away :). For instance, check out this video: