Thursday, December 4, 2008

Confused OH-EH

Now that the American politics has settled in somewhat; Canada has decided to stir up some political drama of our own. See we are not all "aboot" hunting, and hiking (Great, I'm making fun of my own people). We are finally trying to be as politically interesting as our neighbours to the South.

So here is the low down. In October we had elections, and the Conservatives were re-elected for another term. But, with the economic fallout the opposition parties (Liberals, NDP, and Bloc Quebecois), decided to graciously entertain and distract people with some unnecessary political drama, which unfolded today. The opposition parties claimed that Prime Minister Harper broke his campaign promises, and should therefore resign. The Prime Minister retorted that the opposition parties do not have a constitutional right to dissolve the government. The opposition parties were planning to hold a no-confidence vote on Monday, in the parliament, to dissolve Harper's government.

But, Harper got up early in the morning and met up with Governor General Michaelle Jean, and convinced her to suspend the parliament until January 26th. This gives Harper enough time to revamp the federal budget, and hopefully create enough suspense and "will they, won't they drama" to steal America's thunder. You see, the world finally gets rid of Bush on January 20th, six days before our parliament is reinstated.

I believe, Governor General Jean, Queen Elizabeth II's representative, made the right decision. This would not only give Prime Minister Harper time to fix the problems in the new budget, which is scheduled to be announced on January 27th, but it would also provide the opposition parties an opportunity to realize that Liberal Party leader, Stephane Dion, is nowhere near ready to be our next Prime Minister. Some prominent MPs of his own party are against his leadership, and have suggested that a new party leader should be announced before the 26th. NDP leader, Jack Layton, could be the next Prime Minister, if they still decide to go through the parliamentary vote in January. But that would mean that Layton's staff would constantly have to be on the Internet, plagiarizing Obama's speeches and ideals, and selling it to us poor Canadians.

But in some ways I am grateful to the opposition leaders for providing us an opportunity to join a facebook group which has a direct relevance to our national policies. See earlier this year, my friends, due to the lack of options and our dull politics, had joined Obama's facebook group, even though they had no say in the debacle we call the US elections.

By the way, I think Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth would be proud to know that the Governor General decided to suspend the parliament, when she met up with Harper, over morning TEA. Seriously, we are so British with our tea mannerism, and so American with our political drama. We are oh so confused.

p.s. A most un-Canadian caper - I love this article. It shows how this recent political uncertainty we find ourselves in, is so un-Canadian.


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Maria Sondule said...

Lol, I think it's kind of funny how a lot of foreign people follow American politics, but Americans don't care even follow their own, most of the time. Thank you for the news about Canada, I wasn't aware at all. I shall watch the news to see how this unfolds.

Zany said...

Thanks for your rather informative comment. But, I am sorry, I don't see the relevance.

Thanks for reading about us dandy ol' Canadians. For the first time, since the 70s our politics has finally gotten interesting, and people are having fun getting involved.