Thursday, December 25, 2008

LDN 1: Happy Christmas

My flight from home to London was delayed, due to the bad weather, so my sister and I were stuck at the airport for at least 3 hours. Since we got here on Christmas Day and everything was closed, including their transit system, we ended up staying at Holiday Inn Ariel. It is a good and reasonably priced hotel to stay in, if you have a layover in London and you want something comfortable. The day was spent catching up on sleep, and watching the British telly. I have to tell you the British soap Eastenders is bazzaringly interesting. In the evening, we went for a walk and picked up bread and cheese for dinner (I guess we are trying to prepare for our trip to Paris).

In Toronto, we have trash cans (both for recycling and garbage) at every street corner, but that is hardly the case here in London. I wonder how they keep the city clean. Or maybe there is a conspiracy, maybe they are only visible to the locals.

My personal goal during my 5 day stay in London is to get over the love and enthralment I feel for this city. But I have to admit the city keeps amazing me. I keep wondering what it feels like to live in this city. The city has so much to offer, both historically, culturally, and socially. At the Heathrow Airport they had special visible arrangements made for the travellers seeking political assylum. I have not seen that in Canada or the US. Yes, we have refugees in Canada, but even our immigration and refugee policies owe a lot to Britain.

I wonder, what Londoners feel about living in the midst of all the attractions that draw so many tourists to their city.

Happy Christmas, everyone. Apparently that is how the British say, Merry Christmas. Sounded very weird the first time I heard it. But, now, it has grown on me.


Shak said...

We say Merry Christmas! Methinks someone was playing a prank on you.

Rubbish bins are around, but usually not in built up areas. You can blame the IRA for that.

Zany said...

I saw a whole bunch trash cans, I mean rubbish bins today. I have been looking out for them now :).