Sunday, December 7, 2008

Happy Carcass Day

Otherwise known as Eid ul Adha. In the Islamic lunar calendar we have two Eids (Christmas like festivals). Just in case you mess up on the gifts the first time around, you can make up for it on the second Eid. See, for instance, my friend didn't get anything for his girlfriend on the first Eid, which enraged her, as she had gone all out for his present. So, this Eid (I almost wrote Christmas) he got her three presents, and during the economic crisis too. So that ought to count for something.

Out of the two Eids, the second one, the one today, is my least favourite. The reason I call it a Carcass Holiday, because this Eid is a nightmare for non-meat-eaters, such as yours truly. See, on this Eid, raw meat is distributed among the poor and relatives. A portion of the meat is kept and cooked for big family feasts. Therefore, there are hardly any vegetarian options at these extravagant dinners.

So if you love meat and love food, I would strongly recommend you to find yourself a Muslim buddy, just like Bart Simpson, and indulge in the meaty goodness that this holiday promises.

If you have no idea why I just name-dropped Bart Simpson to legitimatize this Muslim holiday, I am talking about the Simpsons episode called "Mypods and Boomsticks". Here are a few clips from the episode (the only ones I could find on YouTube) to get you all caught up:

On his way home from the mall, narrowly escaping being attacked by the "phonies", Bart gets allured by the BBQ smell, coming from someone's backyard. He goes in to find a Muslim boy, Bashir, bbqing lamb. He loves the exotic cuisine, and befriends Bashir. But, then Moe et al fill up Homer's head with Islamophobic comments, and Homer suspects that Bashir's parents are terrorists.

The episode ends off with the following message:

Now that I have outted Muslims for loving meat, I hope PETA people don't turn into the Eid Grinch.

In all seriousness, this holiday is not that bad. There are opportunities for people to provide meals for orphans in impoverished villages around the world. So these poor children can also be a part of the holiday festivities.


Maria Sondule said...

I only know one person who celebrates this, so it's nice to learn more about it! I was at first surprised about the lack of vegetarian things, but I guess that's more Hindus than Muslims.

Zany said...

Generally speaking yes, Hindu cuisine has more vegetarian options than the Muslim. But, I have a Hindu friend who devours meat like a true carnivore, so she would do anything to be at my house today, and enjoy all the meaty goodness. I think we might have been switched at birth :D.

The only thing worse than being a vegetarian Muslim, is being a vegetarian Italian. My Italian friend tried to be a vegetarian, but he didn't last more than a week :D.

Kia said...

Oh my Lord. Have I just found the one other existing vegetarian Muslim in the world???

Kia said...

PS. I was amused by the post because my husband is called Bashir and he's a voracious meat eater.

Daisy said...

Hello, very pleased to have found your site- lots of food for thought here. I was in Morocco just before an Eid I think, and I was slighly relieved not to to be there when the streets were apparently awash with blood! However I'm a total hypocite because I do eat meat myself, although I wish I had the strength to stop! France is a pretty hard place to be a veggy too I imagine.

Zany said...

Kia: next time your husband and you ever stuck at a US airport, you should try mentioning Bart's friend Bashir, maybe that would make them see beyond your husband's Muslim name :).
I guess, we are both "bad" Muslims for not eating meat :D.

Daisy: Thanks for your comment, and stopping by :). Thank God I have only seen the blood flooded streets once in my life.
I am travelling to France for the holidays. I guess I would be stuffing my face with cheese and bread. Not a bad combination, me thinks.