Sunday, January 4, 2009

LDN 5: Cheers, Mate!


The train ride to Paris from London was comfortable. There was a German family, parents and a young boy, sitting across the aisle. The father read to his family. At first, I was enthralled by his reading voice, and thought the gesture was very sweet. But, after a while he just gave me a headache.

Piccadilly Circus & Oxford Street

Walking from Piccadilly to Oxford in the morning brought on a new found appreciation for London. After spending 6 days in Paris, London seemed very home-like. There are some parts of London that look exactly like Toronto.

Science Museum

The two major attractions for me were the Energy Hall and the Exploring Space. They actually had a room dedicated to the field of Epidemiology. After a year of explaining to people what is it that I do, I was glad to have something dedicated for my peeps. There was also a mention of insulin being discovered in Canada, but the ignorant Brits forgot to mention the university responsible for its discovery. BAH!

South Kensington

As I have mentioned before, South Kensington is my favourite London neighbourhood. I am impressed with the architecture.

Since it was our last night here, my sister and I decided to walk from Kensington to Victoria Station. From there we took the underground to Leicester Square. We walked around the city feeling sad that our vacation has come to an end. This was my first trip as an adult, where I was responsible for all the logistics. London has this hold over us, no matter how many times we visit this city, something about it feels like home.