Saturday, January 31, 2009

WinterCity Festival '09

WinterCity is a winter festival (Duh!) going on in Toronto. So, if you are in the city, do check it out. They have street circus by the Dutch street theatre troupe Close Acts, in the Nathan Philips Square. The act is called Pi-Leau and the performers are brilliant. My friends and I thought the act was based on 'Little Mermaid', but it really isn't. We are clearly bunch of ignorant idiots. It is actually about global warming. Seriously, in Toronto we are all about saving the planet. Go T Dot! (Yay, my love for Toronto has been resurrected).

Here is a video friend of a friend made about Toronto's transit system:


changetheworld360 said...

:) Nice video. It kind of reminds me of 'Lazy Sunday'.
in regards to your last comment:
I blogged briefly about the topic here.
Don't worry. Sappy is all good with me. A lot of my reviews on the blog aren't very professional either. My English teacher would not approve of them. =D

Lavender Rose said...

WinterCity sounds like a lot of fun :)

As for the video, ROFL!

Zany said...

Thanks for the link.
You are so right, the video is like 'Lazy Sunday'.
English teachers are usually very hard to please. But they are the ones who somehow end up staying inside our heads :).

Lavender Rose,
We are clearly very "fond" of our transit system.

C. Louis Wolfe said...

About the vid. I'm old school- NOT cool like ol' skool, so I'm far removed from this. I guess I gotta get hipper (then I'm not!)

As far as your avatar or Icon or whatever it's called. I'm curious. Can you explain it's significance please?

My WV is "sardst" which if I'm correct is a staunch supporter of sardines?!