Thursday, August 7, 2008

Ah, the silver lining

I saw in the news, Bush criticizing China on its human rights violations. I mean it's really refreshing to know that at least Bush can recognize injustice when he sees it. But, if the Chinese policies are so horrendous why did he decide to implement them in Guantanamo? If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Bush should really stop giving China mixed-signals.

I mean, we can shun the Olympics, and cry over the fact that the Olympics are being held in a Communist totalitarian state. I like to think, that the world just wanted a piece of Toronto, and is just upset at the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for choosing Beijing over Toronto. Seriously, how could they over-look Toronto?! But, I guess they predicted the future, and the poor goons at the committee thought it would be more funny to have the Olympics in China. I mean we can't make fun of their booming economy, or their super fit athletes. So at least we can boost our egos, by laughing at their poor English.

I cannot predict the future like the IOC guys, but I think the Olympics will do China, and, consequently, the world some good. First of all, considering the way Pepsi and Coca Cola are fighting to control the Chinese market, the Western world will not be alone in their fight against obesity. Secondly, I think it will also help us shatter whatever ethnocentric views we have about the country. Thirdly, I think the IOC will realize that it committed an unforgivable sin, they should have picked Toronto. (Yes, I am still sulking).