Monday, August 25, 2008

Missing Journalists

A Canadian journalist, and her Australian colleague have been missing in Somalia. I hope they return home safely. As this article points out, foreign correspondents are usually kidnapped for ransom money, since Somalians are laden with extreme poverty and conflict.


changetheworld360 said...

Hi! I like your random ramblings, especially about humanitarian causes. It's definitely something I can relate to, since I've had an avid interest in them as well, and just current events in general.

Zany said...

Awww, that's really sweet. Thank you very much for reading my ramblings. I didn't know there were people, other than my friends, reading this blog. I really appreciate it.

I have bookmarked your blog, found it very interesting and insightful. I was gonna blog about Obama and Biden, but then I realized since Canadians don't get to vote (which I believe we should :P), I would keep my US political love on the down-low.

I also approve of your American Beauty, Coldplay, Office, and SNL love :-). I love Andy Samberg and Seth Myers.

Thank you once again!

Zany said...

The journalists along with their driver and fixer are still missing.

Zany said...