Saturday, August 23, 2008

Smart Spending

I have been a fan of the Body Shop since my teenage years. Their stores always smell nice and fresh, and the products have no animal products, they are all made from fruits and/or vegetables. Moreover, the company has a strict policy against animal testing, and supports community trade. They purchase natural products from disadvantaged communities throughout the world, especially Africa. This way they are able to empower these often neglected people, who can hopefully use the money toward better education and disease prevention.

The Body Shop also has a campaign to stop violence against women, called Break the Silence on Domestic Violence. As majority of the abuse against women is committed by someone they know, a family member or a partner, these women often feel obliged to keep their silence, and not share their sorrow with their friends.

The money from the purchase of these stick lip balms goes towards rescue shelters for both abused women and children. It is a known fact that 1 in 3 women has suffered violence in one form or the other, but only a few actually speak up. This fact says more about our system and less about the women. I believe that if women were provided with better support systems or shelter homes they wouldn't be forced to stick out an abusive relationship. Their children wouldn't have to grow up around screaming and physical pounding.

So by buying these "For me, For You" lip balms, you are reminding your friends that no matter what, you are there for them. After all, nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors.