Sunday, August 10, 2008

Psych is back...back again

(Yes, I am singing BSB - must go hide my face in disgrace).

I love Psych. I love the Shawn and Gus duo, reminds me of JD and Turk, from Scrubs, back when they actually used to be funny.

The show is about Shawn and his friend Gus who solve crimes together. Shawn has heightened observational skills, but he pretends to solve crimes using his psychic abilities. He works for the Santa Barbara Police as a Psychic Detective. Gus is a dorky pharmacist who interprets Shawn's "psychic visions" for us mere mortals.

Check out the clips from one of the episodes below. I love when Shawn says to his dad that "You have a dad crush on me." Also, when he says "Poker, I harldy know her." And, when he makes fun of Gus's online poker moniker. See, I was not kidding about loving the show.