Friday, August 22, 2008

It's in you to give

I remember, a few years ago, at Sick Kids I had a little girl going through radiation to remove her stem cells, so she could receive a new set from her donor.

Sadly, it is very hard for patients of ethnic minorities to find a stem cell match, due to the lack of donors from their ethnic background. I think nobody should be left to die just because he/she was not able to find a match. If anyone is interested in donating their stem cells, please sign up with Canadian Blood Services. More information regarding the medical procedure can also be found on the website.

I know the medical procedure involves a surgery, but this is something one can surely do for another human being. Maybe one day I would need a bone marrow transplant, and it would really be emotionally taxing for my family to see me suffer or die, because the doctors were not able to find me a match. I know, my altruistic instincts are very selfish :-).


Shak said...

It's worth bearing in mind that even if you do register, the chances of actually being called up are pretty small - if anything you'll be getting karma points for nothing!

Zany said...

"...getting karma points for nothing!"
- and people call me cynical :P.

I rather sign up and live with the possibility of never getting called, than not register and feel guilty for not doing my part.