Thursday, October 16, 2008

10 Things I Love about Wimbledon

The movie, that is. Just finished watching it for the upteenth time.

10. Westminister and Big Ben at night *gasping for air*
9. Has mush with a twist of tennis, or tennis with a twist of mush.
8. Reminds me of Fever Pitch (Go Red Sox!).
7. Love the sunset-run scene
6. James McAvoy as Peter's brother
5. Wimbledon tournament, it doesn't get better than that
4. Filmed in England (reminds me of my summer holidays there)
3. Peter's vintagey car (was that an alfa romeo?)
2. Real tennis players playing tennis!!!
1. British accent - I am a sad anglophile, sue me :-).


Josh said...

10, I would agree completely, it looks almost awe-inspiring at night!

8, have you read the book, it's a great story, I'd recommend most things by Nick Hornby.

1, you get used to that quite quickly =)

I've not seen the film though, it's been on my list.

Zany said...

>> 1, you get used to that quite quickly =)
- LOL! That's funny. I don't ever see myself getting used to the accent. Plus your brit chocolate tastes so much better than ours.

8: I am gonna place a hold on his books. I didn't know 'About a Boy' was based on his novel of the same title. I remember really liking that movie.

10: Yes, London does look beautiful at night. Again, loved the pics you posted on your blog.

Josh said...

I've just uploaded a nice one of Westminster at night on facebook (it was taken the same day as we were walking along the south bank)....

About a Boy was based on the Nick Hornby book, it's a good one, High Fidelity is a must read as well.

Zany said...

Awww, you should also put up that Westminister picture on your blog :).

I placed a hold on High Fidelity, About a Boy, and this suicide one (sorry the name escapes me). Thanks for the recommendation, they sure seem very interesting.