Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Two-Step Mainstreaming

Chris Brown's Forever is a song I'm sort of embarrassed to love. It's, after all, totally mainstream you know :P. Whenever this song comes on the radio, I find myself cranking up the volume and bobbing my head. It has been a couple of months since the song came out, but I still haven't grown out of it. This kid got the moves, yo. His grammar is very good too, he says, "Me and and I."

Michael Buble's Save the Last Dance, makes me wish I could salsa dance. Plus, he's Canadian :D, so that's all I need :).

Okay, time to promote my own culture. The Bilz's 2 Step Bhangra is another old number, but I still love it. I heard it on Z103.5 the first time, and I was uber excited to hear a South Asian song on the radio. At the same time, it was very amusing how they struggled to pronounce the word Bhangra. Love this song, and who knew brown guys could dance too. They are from Montreal. Sadly, they have gone totally MIA after this song.

I loved the two songs the Killers performed on last week's SNL. Check out their new song called Human from their new album, which comes out in November.


Susmita said...

I always enjoy reading your blog! I look forward to it everyday =) Although I have agreed with you on almost everything, I have to strongly disagree with your comment about these brown guys knowing how to dance! LOL..Zany I love you, but what the hell are you smoking?! I love my brown people, but these boys need to take a few dance lessons from Chris Brown =)

Zany said...

Awww, you declared your love for me in the blogosphere.

Loser, I can't tell you what I'm smoking on the internet. Big brother is watching :P. By the way, I love you too, but perhaps we should keep our PDA limited to msn :P.

Note to my readers, I am not smoking anything, just have been sniffing on vicks since yesterday :). Maybe vicks should come with a warning.

Shak said...

The Bilz rock! I know someone who knows the girl on the right in the placeholder image of the video above! She's hot! FACT!

Susmita said...

Note to Zany's readers, I only love Zany like a sister..sorry to disappoint you lol..on a good note, Zany's sexy, smart and available ;)..(don't kill me for this pls)

Zany said...

Sus, first on facebook now here. Stop pimping me out, people are gonna think I'm desperate :P.

p.s. love has totally deluded your senses, loser. (lub ju!)

Susmita said...

O Re Piya..ok I'll stop being ur pimp..I bet I would make a great rishta auntie one day lol

Zany said...

you are already well on your way, although your success rate hasn't been that great, but I support ya :D. if anyone is interested she's quoting this song.