Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ode to October

Eid Mubarak and Shana Tova.

I love it when religious festivals of different faiths coincidently fall on the same day. Last year, it was Diwali and Eid, which ended up being on the same day, and this year it's Eid and Rosh Hashanah. What can I say, us Muslims are very generous. We like to share our religious holidays with others. This way we don't seem like total slackers when we take the day off. On a non-lame note, I feel this coincidence may somehow remind people that we are more alike than we are different. Sorry to break it to you folks, we are really not that different from each other.

This year Eid also marks the beginning of my favourite month *drum roll please* October. My love for October is very deep you see. Beautiful autumn leaves. All these myriad fall colours, be it yellow, maroon, red, rusty brown, really are breathtaking, and make me pause to admire the beauty around me. Also, fall makes me want to go to Erindale Park for a nice walk by the Credit River, and hopefully have a close encounter with the deer and bunnies, that rule the land.

Oh by they way, I also heart October because I was born in this poetic month of beauty and perfection. Although, I have to wait almost an entire month for my birthday. It's on the 30th if anyone is interested in keeping a countdown, I know I am :-).

By the way, Black Tuesday was on the 29th, so I think my mom really had me on the perfect day. I am sandwiched between the infamous Wall Street crash (which is becoming a recurring nightmare, apparently), and R.L. Stine Goosebumps cavity-fest, otherwise known as Halloween.

Other not-so important things that happened in October:

October 1: The first postcards were issued in 1869
October 2: The comic strips Peanuts first appeared in 1950
October 4: Sputnik was launched into space in 1957
October 6: Thomas Edison showed his first motion picture in 1889
October 7: The first far side pictures of the moon were released in 1959
October 11: SNL premiered with guest host George Carlin in 1975
October 22: Apollo 7 returned to earth in 1968
October 23: The first iPod was released in 2001
October 24: Black Thursday in 1929
October 25: Jean Chretien became our Prime Minister in 1993
October 29: The International Red Cross was established in 1863
October 30: First ballpoint pen was patented in 1888

More found here - Today was my absolute day off, okay! :-)