Friday, October 10, 2008

Family Guy

I can't say I am a devout Family Guy fan, I have watched a couple of episodes here and there. But it's really amazing that a biased network like Fox would broadcast a show like Family Guy. The season premiere informs/reminds its viewers that Bush's closet is full of more skeletons than we ever thought. Now, here is a family you can never under-estimate.

Please read this article for more information :D.


Josh said...

I've been a big Family Guy fan from the very beginning, I think the megalomaniac baby is one of the best characters to ever be on TV!

The show embodies my philosophy that comedy should be 'no-holds-barred' and all politically correct caution should be thrown to the wind. Love it =)

Zany said...

I was seriously surprised that they were allowed to take a jibe at Laura Bush.

When it comes to comedy I love the subtlety of the Office - the US one. I can't plug that show enough :-).

Shak said...

FamGuy is absolutely the best source of satire on our screens atm, even topping South Park in my eyes (if only 'cos it remains tasteful).

Where else can you laugh at things like paedophile quips, race gags, blatant sexism without feeling you're compromising your principles?

It's awesome, and even if you're late to the party I'd totally recommend it.

Zany said...

Duly noted :D.