Friday, October 31, 2008


I have to admit, I find horror movies extremely lame and stupid. Personally, The Ring was the only movie I found to be truly scary. In honour of Halloween I thought I would put up pictures of these 5 haunted buildings. Courtesy of CityNews. So if you are in Toronto it would be best to stay away from these places tonight ;).

5. Old City Hall

It is believed, the ghosts of Robert Turpin and Arthur Lucas, last two men sentenced to death in Canada, still roam around this building, where their death sentences were announced. Both of these men were believed to be wrongly convicted, so now their ghosts are supposedly avenging their deaths by mysteriously pulling on judges' robes. Cheeky delinquents, eh?

4. The Royal York Hotel
The staff has reported mysterious screams coming from the stairwell leading to the top two floors, which house the maintenance staff. These stairwells are monitored by a camera and motion sensors, but no visual evidence has been found of the screaming. The ghost of one of the staff members, who hung himself in the stairwell, is held responsible of the screaming. Moreover, some have witnessed spirit of an old man walking the hallways on the 8th floor. So remember if you are staying at this posh hotel, never to book a room on the 8th floor or on the top floors. Gravity is your friend, stay on one of the bottom floors.

3. Keg Mansion

The spookiness of this steakhouse is another good reason to become a vegetarian. Visitors have witnessed paranormal feminine presence in the ladies room. Apparently there is a mysterious pair of eyes which follow around people. If you are there be sure to flush, you don't want those peepers to follow you to the dining area now.

2. The Guild Inn

Mysterious sightings of a soldier with one blue and one brown eye have been reported. Loud noises and random temperature drops have also been experienced by the visitors.

1. The Old Don Jail

This 19th century penitentiary has housed more than its share of evildoers. The last two capital punishments were also carried on here. Let's just say the inmates were not treated too kindly here. Last year human remains were discovered in the parking lot. People have seen ghost of an angry blond female inside the building.

So now that you have been warned.


Josh said...

Nice one, some of the buildings just look creepy. I love old buildings, especially when there's a nice story to go with it.

Zany said...

I love old buildings too, but I wouldn't want to spend the night in a building that has anything to do with ghosts :).
I have never been to Keg Mansion (#3), but my friends have told me horror stories about that place. Some have even seen a child ghost running around on the top floor. And, juvenile ghosts freak me out.

Josh said...

Yet you're fine with adult ghosts =)

Zany said...

Yes, of course. I don't wanna be known as the grown up who beat up a CHILD ghost. I am afraid they would allure me with their freakish cuteness.