Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Me!

Okay so half an hour left till my birthday is officially over. I clearly overreacted, but as a friend kindly pointed out, it is never too early to start overreacting about getting old.

It was one of the best birthdays I have had so far. Thank ya'll for making it special and putting up with my bday rants.

By the way, they have the best vegetarian menu at Alice Fazooli's. Their Penne Arrabbiata and Margherita Pizza is to die for. The dessert was really good too, and it came with a sparkler (Thanks, Hotchick^n).

Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about Jack Astor's jalapeno veggie tacos, going there this Sunday with friends =). Last time I did a bday dinner there, which was like ages ago, they made me stand on a chair, when they brought out the cake (Thanks for that, Bee). Not doing it this time. I am much older now. Might even have trouble climbing on and/or off the chair.

In the not so self-absorbed ramblings. Fox News reported that Joe the Plumber has joined McCain on the campaign trail. I can't believe Americans are relying on this dumbwit to show them the light. "We have learned more about Senator Obama's real goals for the country over the last few weeks then we've learned over the last two years and that's only because Joe the Plumber asked him the right questions." [Politico]

What right questions? This guy has been insinuating that Obama has anti-semitic inclinations, just so that McCain can win over the voters in Florida. The American election is making me nervous to the point that I have stopped reading anything that's related to poll rankings.

Here's hoping for a blissful year. I am looking at you my neighbours to the south.

p.s. Special thanks go out to changetheworld360, you are really so sweet =). Your post sincerely touched my heart. Thank you so much. Also, thanks Josh for remembering.

I think I maybe going soft in my old age :).


Josh said...

Hey, thanks for the plug! =)

Zany said...

No problem Josh. I was feeling generous on my bday :P.

Anonymous said...

Kay I don't like Hotchick^n anymore. I think it unfairly objectifies me. Now, nerdychick^n on the other hand.

I don't wanna study anymore apiiiiiiiii. Help meeeeeeeeeee. Gawd I am bored. Did you know that that if bend steel back forth real slow, under the right condition, it might NEVER fracture? How cool is that?

Zany said...

keep your engineering nerdiness to yourself hotchick^n. yup that's right :P.