Sunday, October 5, 2008

Nuit Blanche '08

Nuit Blanche is a free all-night contemporary art event, where art galleries and museums are kept open from sundown to sunrise. It's a French import, but has become an annual thing in Toronto, was first introduced in 2006.

Artwork, live art, and visual installations by various international and Canadian artists were displayed throughout downtown Toronto. Unlike last year, the event was more organized and art displays were setup near the subway stations, so it was easier to get around, and locate the places. We were also more prepared, we already had our route planned out, and did not attempt to see everything, which didn't really work out too well for us, last year.

Last year, Nuit Blanche was during Ramadan so because of the night time prayers we had a late start. Not only that, we were also stuck downtown till 6 AM, so I had to struggle to find an open food place to eat my pre-dawn Ramadan breakfast or my pre-fast breakfast (the latter sounds a bit oxymoronic). Also, it took us ages to get home, since the buses had stopped running, and we even attempted to walk home from Kipling Station. All in all circa 2007's Nuit Blanche was a flop because of poor organization.

But this year, the organizers totally redeemed themselves. The TTC was up and running, and we were able to get home at a decent hour (what 2 AM is pretty decent ;-D. I know, on any other day, I wouldn't be allowed to stay out this late, but my parents are anti-Harper, hence they showed their opposition by letting me appreciate the art - I know, excuses, excuses...).

I have attached pictures of some of the displays that I liked. The exciting thing about Nuit Blanche is that it's not only about the art, it's also about the experience, of people getting together, trying to locate the art displays which are spread out, and enjoying the downtown experience.

Disclaimer: I am not good at describing events, but I just wanted to write something so you would sort of know what the following pictures are all about.